“Teachers Guide to the New Jersey Driver Manual”
Update for School Year 2011-2012!!
Now including Kyliegh's Law and
New GDL Rule Changes
This Power Point is enhanced with an easy to follow “GDL” study guide, page by
page detailed graphics as well as comprehensive chapter reviews.
If you already have a powerpoint and would like information on an upgrade,
please Contac
t Tom Gallagher
* Page by page numbered references,
smooth slide transitions,
comprehensive chapter by chapter

*This product translates the ever
confusing “GDL” chapter into a much
easier to understand one-page study
guide for the student.

*Additional photos and graphics assist
students in understanding specific MVC
references from the manuaI.

*Learn the truth behind “Title 39” and
where you are  required to stop at a
“STOP” sign.  Learn the catch phrase!

*Learn the “easy” way to recall how to
turn the wheels when  parking on a
Professional Driving Solutions, Inc.
These tips and much, much more all in one easy to use product.

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** Please Note: This program is not Mac Compatible
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